Within the Air Cadets it is possible to earn extra qualifications, some of which you can’t get at school. BTEC’s are an internationally recognized qualification which are respected by employers and institutes of higher education. A quick overview of the courses we offer are:

  • BTEC Certificate in Aviation Studies – This is done alongside our classification system. As you learn subjects and pass the exams, you will reach the classification of “Master Cadet” upon which you will be entitled to this qualification, free of charge.
  • BTEC Award in Aviation Studies – This again, works alongside our classification system and as you pass through your “First Class” and reach “Leading Cadet”, you will be eligible, however there is a small registration fee.
  • BTEC First Diploma in Public Services – This qualification is a mix of theory and practical elements, however the practical side of things can be covered if you get involved and help out at cadet activities on your squadron. Anyone between 16 and 19 years of age is eligible for this.

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