Camps with the air cadets is a great experience of what life in the Royal Air Force is like. Visiting RAF stations gives you the opportunity to see what is out there in the Royal Air Force with some fantastic experiences along the way.

Greens camps can improve your survival skills and field craft techniques. Essentially being able to be independent and live in the outdoors.

Easter and summer camps are great experiences of RAF stations and learn what they do on that station. Visit the different squadrons and see what they get up to, as well as visiting different sections of the base.

Even travel abroad to RAF Akrotiri on overseas camps and soak up the sun in a camp over there. See what they get up to and even have a chance to see the red arrows practice.

Adventure training in the lake district and Wales can give you fun adventurous experiences that you won’t necessarily be able to do at your home town. Adventure training camps are also non-uniform camps.