Flying And Gliding

Flying and gliding is what Air Cadets is all about. There are great opportunities to progress and learn how to pilot an aircraft yourself.

Fantastic experiences can include low level flying and even aerobatics.

Not everyone can say they get to do these opportunities.



Flying usually takes place at RAFC Cranwell in a Grob Tutor with 7AEF. Sometimes on cadet camps you may fly with an AEF which may not be at Cranwell, this is due to the location of the camp.

  • Air Experience Flying – feel the thrill of powered flight as you take to the skies and experience flying at the controls of an aircraft. A great opportunity to learn about the controls of an aircraft, experience aerobatics and low level flying.
  • Air Cadet Pilot Scheme – The ultimate goal as a cadet, to gain your air cadet pilot wings. After this course you will have understood and be able to handle the aircraft up to a solo standard. Potential candidates can be recommended on to further training to count towards your Private Pilots License (PPL).
  • Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Scheme – A fantastic opportunity to build on your navigational skills. An excellent course which will lead to gaining your “wings”.


For our Wing, gliding usually takes place at RAF Syerston in a Viking at 644 VGS. VGS stands for Volunteer Gliding Squadron which is powered by volunteers to get young air cadets into the sky.

  • Gliding Induction Course (GIC) – A great experience of powerless flight. You will be launched into the air by winch to experience soaring flight. A great opportunity to take control of the aircraft and experience flight in an air cadet glider.
  • Gliding Scholarship (GS) – A gliding scholarship course is given to candidates that have applied once they reach the age of 16. They will learn how to handle a glider, learn the fundamentals of gliding and if you prove yourself, the opportunity to go solo.
  • Advanced Glider Training (AGT) – Further training on how to handle the glider with 5 more solos gives you the edge on your flying career. This usually leads on to becoming a Flight Staff Cadet (FSC) at a VGS.